Using Gmail with your Existing Email Address, for Webmail & Backup

Using Gmail with your existing email address(es) is very convenient:

  • You can use your main email address with Gmail 
  • check your Outlook or Outlook Express email online
  • you can have Gmail check your email, and have it store a copy of all your email
  • you can then compose and reply to emails using your main email address

Accessibility & Convenience:

  • access your mail from anywhere on the web, by going to
  • access Gmail from any internet-connected computer – especially useful if you are separated from your computer
  • emails sent from Gmail will look like they come from your normal email address, rather than a Gmail address
  • you can easily set up an out-of-office auto-responder or a vacation response through Gmail
  • the auto-responder will answer all the mail received through your main email address – even though your computer is not switched on or connected to the internet


  • this acts as a back-up for all the email that you receive through Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail
  • Gmail stores a copy of every email you receive, so if you lose your computer, it gets stolen or your hard drive fails, you still have all your email
  • Gmail currently allows about 10.1 gb of storage, so it will take quite a while to fill up your Gmail account 
  • I currently have 13,500 emails in my Gmail inbox and this only uses 11% of the 10gb space allowance – it would take about 100,000 emails to fill my inbox at this rate
  • If the copies build up and you want to clear them out  – it is possible to delete all your email at once

How do I set this up?

  1. Sign up for a Free Gmail Account 
  2. Within Gmail you can add your existing email address,  so that you can compose and reply to emails from existing normal email address
  3. and use Mail Fetcher to pull a copy of all of your emails into Gmail. 
  4. For Detailed instructions see Setting up a Gmail Account to Use your Existing Email Address

Use your normal email address from within Gmail

  • For example – my normal email address is <>
  • I have signed up with Gmail as <> (but I don’t use this email address)
  • Within Gmail I have set up <>  and use it as the default email address within Gmail
  • Gmail checks my email, and stores copies of all my email
  • I can compose new email from within Gmail as <> and it won’t appear to come from Gmail
  • I can reply to my email, and it won’t appear to come from within Gmail
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