Windows 7 Theme: Barn Owls

I created a beautiful Windows 7 Theme of Barn Owls.

These pictures shot for the Barn Owl Trust (for whom I provide IT support), were taken by my good friend Melanie Lindenthal.

The background image rotates every 5 minutes – and the images are stunning. There are 12 images.

You can download the theme from

To install – double click on the file  – BarnOwls.themepack you have downloaded

(only works with Windows 7)

More of Melanie’s desktop background pictures can be downloaded from here which can be used with other operating systems.

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Some of the images:

Barn Owl hollow tree 1 Barn Owl hollow tree 2 Barn Owl in hollow tree
Barn Owl hollow tree 3 Barn Owl looking down Barn Owl looking
Barn Owl on door Barn Owl on gate Barn Owl outside barn
Barn Owl Barn Owl at dusk Barn Owl on straw
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