Save 40% on a new Windows 7 PC or Laptop from Dell

  • Dell sell computers online, which can be configured to order by the customer before buying.


  • In the UK, purchases made online are covered by the Distance Selling Regulations –
  • this allows the purchaser to return the item for any reason within seven working days.
  • Even if you just dislike the feel of the keyboard, you can send your purchase back.
  • Dell have to honour these returns, so they resell the returned (essentially brand-new) computers for substantial discounts.
  • Corporate customers who make large volume orders may also return some computers to Dell, which are pre-configured to the customer’s specifications.
  • Dell sell these as “Refurbished” computers through their Outlet sites.
  • It is often possible to save 40-60% on the retail value

for example:

in 2012 I bought a Dell Latitude e6520 laptop for approx £900
when I configured the laptop online with the same specs it was more than £1700
– a saving of over 40%

Dell Outlet UK

For a desktop, I would recommend the Optiplex 7010 or 9020 from the Desktops for work inventory

The Optiplex 7010 is very nice – comes in three sizes from very compact to normal desktop size


They are fast, rugged and well-built and have about 10 USB ports

The key criteria I look for – either in a laptop or desktop:

  • Windows 7 Professional 64bit (the 32 bit version can only take up to 4GB RAM memory which limits the upgradeability of the computer)
  • Try for at least 4gb RAM (1x4gb is better than 2x2gb – there are four RAM slots, so the computer can take 16gb RAM – if you have 1x4GB that leaves three free slots for future upgrading – RAM upgrades are available here)
  • 500gb Hard drive if possible
  • Core i5 processor (especially if it’s Quad core) or Core i7 (even better)

Here is an example – one which I wouldn’t go for

  • only 2gb RAM – although extra RAM can be purchased
  • core i3 processor – core i5 or i7 are faster
  • 32bit OS {Operating System = Windows 7} –  with a 32 bit OS you can only upgrade to a total of 4gb RAM


You can narrow your selections by checking the boxes at the LHS


If one is listed as “Scratch and Dent” – this brings the price down even more – generally the damage is only cosmetic and is quite minimal


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