How to delete All the Emails in your Gmail inbox

Gmail is very useful as a way to extend the versatility of your existing email, without having to change your email addresses.

I use Gmail so that I always have a backup of my regular email (which comes into Outlook), and which I can access when I am away from my computer

With Gmail you can:

You can still manage all your mail in your normal email client like Outlook, but Gmail extends what you can do.

Although Gmail offers 10.1 gb of storage space, you might decide you want to clear out your Gmail inbox when the numbers of emails start to build up. My current total of 13,300 emails takes 11% of my space allocation – so at that rate my inbox could hold 120,000 emails

There is a very simple way to to delete All Mail in your Gmail inbox

Log into Gmail and look for the Select Box – see circle below

Gmail -Select Messages

When you click on the Select Box all the conversations on the first page of your inbox are selected

Gmail -Select All Conversations

You can now change the selection to include all conversations

If Conversation View is switched off it will let you select Messages instead

Gmail -Select All Messages

When you click Select all conversations in the inbox or all messages, it shows they are selected

Gmail - All Conversations Selected

Gmail - All Messages Selected

Hit the Delete button and you get a confirmation dialog box – asking you to confirm…

Gmail - confirm deletion of all conversations

Once you say OK your inbox is emptied! You can undo it, at this point, if you think it’s too drastic.

Gmail - all conversations deleted

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