Vacation or Out-of-Office Auto-Responder for Outlook on a Network

If you go on holiday or are away from your office for a while, it’s really useful to be able to set up a Holiday or Vacation Response – which sends an automated email response to all your incoming mail.

This is sounds straightforward but there are a number of issues to consider

  1. You want to make sure that you don’t respond to SPAM emails – a response to a spam email confirms to the spammer that they have found a live email address, and they’ll send you more spam
  2. You don’t want to send the Vacation Response to the same person each time they send you an email – some people may email you often – you don’t need to keep sending them the same  automated reply
  3. Avoid telling people in your auto reply message that you are away from home or abroad – this advertises that your home is empty and ripe for burglary

See: Set up a Vacation or Out-of-Office Auto-Responder for Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail

You can  easily do this from Outlook, if you are using a corporate network and Outlook is linked to Microsoft Exchange Server – whereupon you will have this facility in Outlook 2010:

“Automatic Replies (Out of Office) Use Automatic replies to notify others that you are out of office, on vacation, or not available to respond to e-mail messages”

Outlook Auto Repy

In Outlook 2007 and 2003 this appears under the Tools menu

Out of Office Assistant in Outlook 2007

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