Windows XP logs on, then immediately logs off – fixed with ERD Commander

We can use ERD Commander to recover from this problem…


  1. Windows XP appears to be booting up as normal.
  2. You try and log in as one of the users on the welcome screen
  3. It displays “loading personal settings”
  4. Suddenly it will log off and display” Saving settings”
  5. You try other boot options using F8 – “Last good configuration” gives the same result
  6. Booting into Safe Mode gives the same result
  7. This means that “System Restore” is inaccessible


  1. Create an ERD Commander disk using the instructions here:
  2. Boot from the ERD Commander disk (it maybe necessary to change the boot order, so that the system boots from the CD Drive rather than the hard drive)
  3. Select the installation you wish to attach to (i.e. to repair)
  4. When your system boots from ERD Commander, go to Start –> System Tools –> System Restore and choose a restore point which corresponds to a date when your system was booting normally
  5. This Article covers using System Restore with ERD Commander 2007
  6. Once you have successfully performed a System Restore your system should boot normally.
  7. Remove the ERD Commander CD
  8. Reset the Boot Order to what it was before you changed it.
  9. Boot your system.
  10. Since the Logoff-Logon problem can be caused by Malware, Viruses or Trojans, update and run your virus scanner
  11. I would recommend downloading and running the free version of Malwarebytes Anti Malware

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