About Calm IT

My name is Alan Lewis. I’ve been running a successful IT Support business since 2001, providing PC-based IT Support to self-employed people and small businesses in the South Devon area of the UK.

I was a Theravada Buddhist Monk for 17 years, and disrobed in December 2000.

The name “Calm IT” comes about because so many people comment on my calm and patient presence when I am assisting them (although it doesn’t always feel so calm on the inside!).

I started this blog to have somewhere to record the tips and tricks I come across. I’ve found so much useful stuff on the Internet, that it seemed like a good idea to offer something back. It’s also a way I can make notes as I go, and share resources with my customers.

I also run a successful website Zen Moments with my wife Vanessa, who is turning into a Web Presence Developer.